Payless KSA-Loyalty Program

Available to all Payless KSA Customers, even first time customers and is effective immediately

Enjoy Discounts & additional mileage allowances within Saudi Arabia.

Simple way to join Payless KSA Loyalty Club

Payless KSA Loyalty is available to all Customers of Payless KSA, even to first time customers and is effective immediately. 

Simply rent a car from any of our locations in KSA and immediately enjoy your benefits, after completing the registration process.

Earning points

You'll earn points every time you rent a car from us, no matter how you choose to pay. 

For every SAR 100 spent one reward point is earned.

Rewards points collected are valid for life.

Redeeming points & Benefits

Points can be redeemed in slabs of 50, 100, 200 and 500.
These points can be redeemed at any Payless KSA locations.

Terms and conditions:

1- Applicant or renter should be at least 23 years and above
2- Should possess a valid Saudi driving license
3- Only one membership per person
4- Membership is nontransferable
5- Points are non-exchangeable, non-refundable or non-redeemable in cash or credit.
6- Payless KSA has the right to change or modify rules, regulations, rewards and km allocation at its sole discretion.
7- Payless KSA has the right to terminate the program in part or whole at any time without any notice, even though this may affect the value of points earned.
8- Payless KSA has the right to cancel the membership of any member without any intimation and at its sole discretion.
9- Eligible for upgrades depending upon vehicle availability.
10- Level upgrade eligibility based on points accumulated to qualify for next level within 24 months