Location Terms and Conditions

Added important information


Individuals visiting Saudi Arabia with Hajj or Umrah Visas are not permitted to drive (in Saudi Arabia).

Tax: 5 %


For domestic rentals, mileage is limited to 200km / day or 6,000 km / month Additional mileage is charged as per tariff listed in the renting location



Additional driver information


All additional drivers must meet the same criteria as the primary driver. Additional drivers are allowed at additional cost.

Additional drivers are permitted at a charge of SAR 52.50 per rental.

Additional drivers must be present at the time of rental and present a full valid drivers license held for a minimum of one year.



Age information


The minimum renting age at this location is 23. The maximum renting age at this location is 65.

Under age and over age drivers are not permitted to rent.



Payment options


Payment of deposit by cash or debit cards is not accepted.

Security Deposit / Pre-authorization amount required. Rental charges can however be settled by cash in local currency or debit card (Mada).

2 major credit cards are required when renting car groups E and upwards (Mastercard / VISA / American Express are accepted)



Taking your vehicle outside the country


Vehicles must not be taken out of the country. Cross border rental not allowed.



Cancellations and No Show Charges


Customers may cancel a prepaid booking and receive a refund provided Payless is advised 2 days prior to pickup date. An administration charge of SAR 30 will be applied for such cancellations.


For cancellations of rentals with less than 2 days notice, a refund of 25% of the voucher value will be made, less an administration charge of SAR 30.


In case of No Show, No refund will be provided.




Waiver and protection options



If the Payless rental vehicle is damaged, the driver will be covered for the cost of the repair if CDW is purchased. The driver will however have to pay an excess charge towards the cost of repair.

CDW is available at this location. The costs and excess charges are detailed in the table below.

Theft Protection is included in Collision Damage Waiver coverage.

If an inclusive rate or CDW is purchased the excess charge detailed in the above table will apply. Customer will be fully responsible for any cost of damages if a police report is not available.




Personal Accident Insurance will be offered to drivers at the rental location when collecting the vehicle, in case the driver is not covered by a travel insurance policy. Personal Accident Insurance is available for the cost of SAR 3.15 per day.

Maximum coverage in case of disability (per person) SAR 100,000 Maximum coverage in case of death (per person) SAR 100,000.

Upto SAR 1500 as emergency medical treatment and surgery.

Passengers are covered as well as third party - the coverage liability is up to SAR 300,000.

Windscreen Cover (LI)

Windscreen cover is currently not available.


Third Party Liability Cover covers drivers in case of damage, including damage to passengers and their property, when using a Payless vehicle.

Third Party Liability is included in the rental rate.

Customer will be fully responsible for any cost of damages if a police report is not available.




Maximum coverage in case of damage to property is upto SAR 10 MILLION. Maximum coverage in case of personal injury is upto SAR 10 MILLION. Maximum coverage in case of death SAR 300,000 per person.

CDW (TP included in CDW)

Car group Excess

A  SAR 2625.00

B  SAR 2625.00

C  SAR 3150.00

D  SAR 3150.00

H  SAR 4200.00



   Super Collission Damage (SCDW) waiver protection is available. This can be locally purchased at the renting location as per existing tariff. In case of damage, the driver can reduce the excess charge by purchasing SUPER CDW. Side Mirrors, Windsreen, Upholstery, audio player and Undercarriage including tyres and rims are not covered by this product. Complete accident documents mandatory to avail SCDW coverage. Customer will be fully responsible for any cost of damages if a police report is not available.




Delivery and collection

Delivery and collection is currently not available.




Drivers license and ID requirements


Each driver will be required to provide proof of identification on collection of the vehicle.

All named drivers must be in possession of a full and current driving license valid for use in Saudi Arabia.

Driving licence must have been held for a minimum of 1 year.

Driving licence must be supported with by a photographic form of identification and a valid passport.

Drivers who are GCC nationals/residents (other than Saudi Arabia) can provide their country's valid driving license of which they are nationals/residents

Visit and Business Visa renters must have an International Driving License.




Traffic Fines


Renter shall bear the responsibility for payment of charges of traffic violations committed by him during the rental period.


Fuel charges


Vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel at the start of the rental. To avoid refuelling charges please return the car with a full tank of fuel.

If the fuel tank is not full we will fill the tank and charge you for the fuel. Fuel is charged at SAR 2.50 / litre (refuelling surcharge included in cost)




General station/country information


Please be aware that no office in Saudi Arabia will hire to anyone who holds Umrah or Haj Visas. This comes by order from the ministry of interior and it applies to all car rental companies.




One Way Rentals

Permitted - an additional charge will apply (depending on pick-up / drop-off location).




Collecting and returning your vehicle



If a customer is delayed due to circumstances beyond their control and as a result the rental vehicle is collected from the location after upto 3 hours from the time of reservation but within the office hours, no additional charge will apply. We will guarantee the vehicle for 3 hours only. The vehicle should be returned in accordance with the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.

If you return the vehicle and any optional extras early, you will lose the benefit of any special offers if you no longer meet their requirements. This may result in the rental costing you more.


There is no refund for any unused days.


This service is currently not available.


This service is currently not available.